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BAE-146 Engine Question

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Well-known member
Dec 5, 2001
Anyone know which engines are on the BAE-146? NOT the Avro RJ's.

Thanks in advance,
And why does it have four engines?

Because they couldn't fit six on the wing!

Sorry - couldn't resist!! :)

Thanks for the help guys.

I was just curious since someone told me that it is the same engine that is on the Canadair Challenger 600. I thought the CL-600 was the only airplane made with that engine, but I was wrong. The CL-600 has the Avco-Lycoming ALF-502-L-2C. That engine has been plagued with problems for that airplane.

How has that engine held up in the BAE-146's?
that engine is also on some military planes... not sure which.

but I've flown them in the CL-600 and they're good now... sure they had some teething problems - but they still take the 600 to FL410 and cruise at .80 all day long.

I'm not saying their hot and high performance is the best - that airplane still could use more power... but they do work pretty well now the kinks are out.

except of course this new sb that just came out... that scared me. something about big cracks and potential uncontained failures... but nothing that a cat d mel couldn't cure.

and yes - that was the only challenger they were used on...
Actually, the hot and high performance is quite abysmal. I can remember many a hot summer day out in Denver watching 146's roll down a large portion of the runway and wondering if they were going to make it over the fence. However, it is the only jet aircraft in its weight class that will be able to land and takeoff from Aspen, CO in the middle of the summer.



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