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Bad Breath in the Cockpit!?!?

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El Guapo

Mile high club member
Jun 16, 2003
I was flying my line last week and the crew (both Captain & F/E) had some kicking breath. I was getting it from all sides. I'm sure some of you guys have experience this dilema before. How did you guys approach this, did you tell them about it, or did you just do like I did and try not to converse too much, so that I wouldn't have to smell that funk coming out both their mouths? How can I tell a person about their foul mouth without hurting their feelings, or cause striff in the cockpit. Any advise would be most appreciated.

Side note: after my first flight I went to a convenience store and bought some minty gum and put it next to the throttles so that everyone had access to it and I even offered the gum to them both. Even after chewing this minty gum both guys still had the funky breath.
I just fake passing out cold, works most of the time, but you gotta 'wake up' before the mouth to mouth resuscitation begins!

If it is someone I know pretty well I 'encourage' them to take one of my TicTacs (like, pry their mouth open with the crash axe and pour them down with a funnel).
You had a good idea with placing the gum on the center pedestal.

I'm not for sure how your cockpit is configured, but what I like to do when I'm flying with someone with rank breath is to turn the overhead air blower vent directly at my nose or a little bit to the side of my nose that the person is sitting, and the air usually will blow away or keep the rank breath from penetrating towards my nose! It works quite well. If its still penetrating, you may need to turn the blower on extra high, and that will almost always do the trick! If anything atleast you'll be force breathing fresh air!

If your dropping the hints and they're not biting... you can always step it up a notch by putting on your O2 mask and they should get the message soon enough! :D
I open the tin of Altoids, take two, and offer it to the rest of the folks with the question "killer breath mint anyone?" If the worst offender doesn't take one it doesn't matter, those mints are so strong they'll knock out your sense of smell for a few hours.

Only a few folks have asked if I'm trying to say something. My response is usually "yeah, I had coffee breath."
Hey big man

1. They might have just returned from the CP's ora...errr..office looking for raises.

2. Could be your upper lip.

3. At least you aren't their wife/girlfriend/bf/husband.

4. Say "Hey, I heard if you pop a piece of gum in your mouth, Your trying to tell someone their breath stinks." Then pop a piece of gum in your mouth.

5. Fart... So now everyone suffers.:beer:
nice one. I like the farting idea.

I did have a co-worker / co-pilot who had strait up death spewing from his head. I mean the dude didn't even have to talk to omit the stink. Even when he was just breathing it stunk. Anyway the only thing I did was to keep conversation to a minimal in the cockpit. Once we got to the bar things were alright. Buffalo Wild Wings can kill any breath. I guess just hack it out until next trip. Sorry dude. I know it sucks.
I dont understand how in this day and age someone has bad breath, especially in an airplane. That show's no respect, and hopefully it is just ignorance.
it might stem from bad hygiene. a BIG help in keeping breath fresh (at least my breath) if flossing nightly. also, tongue scrapers help. but i know what you guys are saying. i remember when i was younger i used to hate getting close to my mom in the morning b/c of some rank coffee breath. and like the original poster said, gum doesn't cover that smell up! good luck, though. you might want to just break down and have a heart to heart with the guy.
Smoke a cigarette and take a shot of whiskey...then have the other two follow suite.......bye bye bad breath, hello good times :cool:

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