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Background Checks

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Feb 6, 2004
I want to have a background check done on myself to make sure there is nothing unexpected that might come up in a future interview. Anyone have any ideas on who to use? I know AIRINC has a service they use, but I would rather not give Kit my money if I have a choice.
Try USIS, United states investigative services, they are the biiggest firm used by both private corporations and the government. I'm not sure if they will do individual background checks but you can inquire.


Everyone sounds so guilty!:) :) :)

..I'd be curious to see what mine turns up too. I think we all have a skeleton or two hiding.
USIS is lousy. I sent them some paperwork for a former employee about three weeks ago, and I found out this week they lost it!

There's a place in Florida called Results that specializes in aviation background checks. But if you really want to know what your former employer will say about you, check out these people -


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