Babbitt Confirmed As FAA Administrator


Jan 25, 2004
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With An Extensive Airline Background, Will Babbitt Be Fair To ALL of Aviation?
Late Thursday, as the Senate hurriedly wrapped up business before the coming holiday, J. Randolph Babbitt was confirmed as the next Administrator of the FAA.
Babbitt was, most recently, a partner at Oliver Wyman, an international aviation consulting firm. A former airline pilot, Babbitt has also been the president and CEO of ALPA.
He was the former Chairman and CEO of Eclat Consulting until they were acquired by Oliver Wyman in 2007. The White House noted that "Babbitt is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of aviation safety and policy, and labor relations with almost 40 years of experience in the industry. Babbitt began his aviation career as a pilot for Eastern Airlines and flew for more than 25 years. He served as President and CEO for US ALPA, the world’s largest professional organization of airline pilots. In 1993 he served as a Presidential appointee on the National Commission to Ensure a Strong Competitive Airline Industry."
Babbitt is well familiar with the inner workings at the FAA. President Clinton appointed Babbitt to FAA's Management Advisory Council in 2000. Last year, Transportation Secretary Mary Peters appointed him to the independent review team of aviation and safety experts that examined the FAA's approach to safety. That team offered recommendations to improve the agency's safety culture and the implementation of an aviation safety system.
The announcement of Babbitt's nomination was originally well received within the FAA. In a broadcast message to all employees, acting Administrator Lynne Osmus said, “Randy is no stranger to the FAA, and many of us have had the pleasure of working with him over the last several years.

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Nov 16, 2002
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