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B-747 Training Material

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
I'm getting ready for groundschool and I was wondering if anyone might have have an old Boeing Operations Manual for a JT9D powered 747-100 or -200 that they might be willing to part with for a couple of bucks. In lieu of the manual, a QRH would certainly help. PM me if you can help.

747 manual.

Hi there,

There is one 747 manual for sale on e-bay, but I'm not sure if that's what you are looking for...

Open e-bay page, ant type 747 manual.

Best of luck.
You should have plenty of time in groundschool to learn the stuff. Beware of studying manuals other than the company manual. There probably are some differences between your company manual and some outdated generic manual you may get your hands on. Try not and put yourself into a position of unlearning procedures, etc. I think Canova Air (www.canovair.com?) has a generic 742 study guide that's pretty good -- but not for initial learning study.

If you're getting hooked up with any part of Atlas (Atlas, Polar, or it's alter ego union buster operation AACS) . . . my sympathy.
747 Manual

I would be hesitate about reading much of anything from a generic manual on the 747. You will have plenty of time to learn everything during ground school. My best advice would be to call your new job and ask for the manuals or records office and ask them to send you the manuals in advance, I cant help but think they would.

The only things you have to know are in your companys books. If it ain't in the books you dont have to know it. I think generic books will just fill your head with stuff you don't need to know. I believe your going to Evergreen?? They have the reputation of having excellent training, so I dont think you have anything to worry about.

Enjoy training!!

God Speed in all your endeavours,

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