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B-727 job on climb to 350

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Capt. Homer
Nov 25, 2001
Is their anyboy that can look at the 727 job and tell me who it is for and what it is about. They keep changing the date so you can't look at it.

Thank you
Well, yes. Except that a 727 is slightly larger, louder, and is usually painted colors not normally found in typical presentations of sugar blocks. Then again, a 727 isn't a hazard to diabetics, either.

The 727 job was advertised before the change to the "member exclusive" headings. That job will probably be dangling out there six months from now.

In all fairness, however, 350 has been a good source for quite some time now, and has asked nothing in return. Pilot jobs seem to have become rather sparse on that site of late, as they have throughout the industry. More service jobs, and more maintenance jobs are appearing than previously were found.

Perhaps it's a 727 made from blocks of sugar. That would be interesting. Possibly the only airplane ever built which would have the limitation, "Flight into known moisture Prohibited." "Coffee Prohibited." "This Surgeon General has determined that this aircraft may cause tooth decay." And of course, in the good old days, we worried about cows eating the fabric from our wings. With the sugar 727, we'd be concerned about horses eating the wings from the airplane. "Flight into known equine habitat, prohibited."

Sorry. It's late, I have a splitting headache, and I'm bored more than I could possibly say.
They posted the same job about a month ago when the site was free. It never named the carrier and you had to pay a fee to apply for the job on some recruiter's site. If you ask me the whole thing is smoke to make some poor furloughed 727 pilots pay their membership fees at 350. If it named names and gave some info I'd be more likely to believe them. They've been a good site for a long time for jobs, but I guess business is business.
I'm a member of climbto350.com. The 727 job is an all-cargo "new" airline ramping up in the spring 2002. They want experience in the 727 (1000hrs for capts and 500 hrs for FOs, A+P for the FE). Must resign seniority number.

It seems strange to me that a "new" airline would like to ramp up in these times. No problem getting experienced personnel, but would you gamble your recall rights on a startup?

No name is given for the airline, I wish I could find out. I flew cargo for over 8 years in the DC8 and my friends still out there don't know of anything forming up. Right now there is plenty of unused lift sitting around.

A lot of the jobs on the site seem to be maint/misc. I was with AEPS some time ago and didn't quite trust or believe it. Besides I was always spammed by them. If anyone has any positive or negative experiences with climbto350.com please post them.

Well I can only towards AEPS although I also have a password and check climbto350.

AEPS themselves post almost nothing. The companies post it themselves. There have been a number of cases where people issued passwords have used the service to get jobs which they then post. That ACM or something like it that was just talked about here on FIC is one that just copies material from others. This was obvious as they mentioned people who have not been in those positions for some time.

I have seen several cases of jobs posted on 350 that were quickly removed when we talked to the company that was supposedly posting it there. This new deal about the 727 looked to me like a sugar posting to get members.

As I have said here before, there are a number of legitimate services that one can like or not like, use or not use. AEPS is totally geared to email. To keep the cost down, they need advertising. The companies want the ability to email the members. That relationship with the companies is what makes an AEPS or Air Inc different than a job posting board.
Thanks for the info. There is no way I'm going to resign my Delta seniorty right now especially for a start up.
New 72 outfit

The Kitty Hawk pilots have been given their 60 days notice of the airline may go out of business, maybe. This could be the KH 72's finding a new home to fly the business that will be uncovered if KH goes under. Rumor from pilots working at KH.

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