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B-2 Stealth Bomber Job Offer

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
If anyone is interested AEPS posted a job opening for a B-2 instructor with prior bomber experience required. Good to see that my $12 a month is finally paying off with some solid leads.

Now Im regretting not having done that $150,000,000 PFT program at TAB Express and gotten by B-2 type rating with 250 hrs of SIC time

Next week AEPS will be posting Space Shuttle crew positions
AEPS, FAPA et al

Aren't some of these organizations something!?! Reminds me of how I felt when I was a FAPA member years ago. FAPA never provided job leads. It provided plenty of wonderful platitudes about the "pilot shortage" and plenty of slick magazines that made becoming an airline pilot sound as easy as pie. FAPA professed to provide world-class gouge for interviews. Truth is, FAPA and its descendants provide months-old gouge.

I will say that FAPA turned me on to some decent books from which I benefited. But my experience was that these organizations, generally, are pretty worthless.

I will plug Flight Crews International, www.fcilax.com, again. Take it from me, Captain Mac is a straight shooter and disseminates legit job information, as well as informed advice. There were a couple of times when I knew I'd be in L.A. I called Captain Mac ahead of time to tell him I'd be in town. He told me to come to the office and he'd see me to talk. I doubt that Lou Smith, Kit, Judy Tarver or the others would do that, especially for a pilot who had limited employment possibilities.

TAB Express is another work of art. See its ad on page 73 of the March Flying or www.tabexpress.com.
I agree

I have subscribed to FCI in the past and they are honest and helpful. If you look on their web site you will see they state upfront that due to the current market their job postings are severely limited and even suspended for a while

AEPS does have some decent jobs every once in a while but over 50% of the jobs are from foreign companies looking for JAA rated contract crews or jobs with difficult if not impossible qualifictions for 99.0% of the pilots out there like this B-2 job

Avcrew has much better and sometimes the identical jobs and its free

Climbto350.com is the ultimate scam in that they rip off listings from all of the above companies.

Generally the pay services have a lot more job listings and the free services have much less but more legitimate listings

I would have to disagree that, "Climbto350.com is the ultimate scam". I have gotten two solid job offers from their information and none from any of the other services. I have not seen a lot of their posting at other sights. In fact I have a good friend who uses them exclusivelly when looking for short term ferry pilots.

I would agree that these services are usually only good for finding information on who might be hiring and contact information. All the jobs I have gotten in this career have been through networking and who I knew, with the exception of one.

FCI is a great deal.I have been subscribing to them for over 10 years. All their stuff is legit and they post stuff about your company sometimes before anyone else inside even knows what is going on. Great lead for overseas stuff and AK stuff that pays well. Have I ever gotten a job from FCI-no-but it sure got me going to the area of the industry that was hiring and I didn't waste time on the other stuff.
Another FCI Plug

I did get a job through FCI. It was a job that I wanted and it took some time to finally get it, but the lead panned out.

Job or not, I reiterate everything that I said above and elsewhere about FCI. It's a first-class organization and sets an example that these sleazeball operations mentioned elsewhere should emulate.
Space Shuttle Commander...

Can't wait to appy for the space shuttle job. I've been playing alot of "Asteroids" lately to prepare myself for the type rating.

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