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AWAC crew bag dimensions?

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Well-known member
Aug 30, 2004
What is the max size bag that a crewmember is allowed to carry? AWAC only operates CRJ-200 right besides the couple of BE-146's that are being phased out.
You're allowed a bag big enough to hold as much booze as you need to forget how disapointed you are for coming here.

Once you upgrade in 10 years, you are allowed a bigger "Captains" bag that allows that booze AND room for whatever material you need to put together a resume and the F**K away from this place.

Good luck on your SkyWest interview in a few months.

There's a nifty backpack holder for the FO's side.
Standard flight case will fit the cockpit. If you're talking about luggage, go with one that will fit in the overhead bin. Otherwise you could end up with someone peeing on your bag if you have to jam it under the last row of seats. I'd highly recommend the stealth NG from luggage works. It fits the overhead and takes a beating. Both the 24 and the 27 inch bags fit. One is just taller than the other.
It looks too thick to me. Any of those expandable things are questionable. the overhead is deep and long, but not very high from bottom to top. That is where the problem lies. Get the Stealth NG from luggage works. It'll make life easier.
Stay away from the travelpro, they dont tend to last long enough. I destroyed two before i figured that out. Try crewneeds.com
Its owned by an RJ captain and is designed to fit in an RJ overhead. I have one, and the damn thing is indestructable.
who cares how heavy it is. it's got wheels. you may have to hike stairs twice a day and an extra 5lbs isn't going to make a difference. yes you can get it with a laptop holder. i have one but i recommend the 27in bag because the laptop hogs a lot of space.

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