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AWA Again

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Dec 4, 2001
What's going on with recalls and hiring? Anything new? The hotline tells you nothing at all, I can't even get it to connect.
awa again

I talked to Tracy in PHX about 2 weeks ago. She indicated that all pilots are not recalled yet and there are no current plans to get them back, but they are going to try to have them all recalled by mid summer. Lets hope the new hire stuff starts soon after that. good luck.

After the last group of recalls (15 APR), there are still 51 of us on furlough (well, really 50, since VP Ops never was furloughed). Supposedly, there is something in the works for a May recall, but haven't heard anything more substantial than that -- still waiting for Tracy to return my call confirming or denying the May rumor.

But, they want pre-September schedule by June, so we should have everyone back some time around then (really keeping my fingers crossed -- might be a challenging place to work, but it beats the devil out of unemployment -- until the strike, anyway!). Before September, remember, we were fat on FO's and short CA's. Maybe, if they decide to upgrade some FO's, we might actually be "right-sized." (a fantasy, I know, but too much time on the hands leads to a hyperactive imagination)

"Sincerely, I.M. Fletcher, ps, have a nice day"
It'd help if you guys would start using the 73 for routes such us CMH-BWI, which is always oversold and we (Chautauqua) run 5 flights daily (1 to be added next month). I feel ashamed antime I have to ask you for the jumpseat to go home.
erjdriver, I agree with you. There are many routes that should be 737 (or, I guess A320/319 for that matter), but in the interest of crystal palace shenanigans, I doubt it'll change soon. Out west, the CRJ is being used on such "small" markets as LAX, SFO, DFW, etc. Loads, yields, whatnot be **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**ed!

I hope you don't get too hard a time jumpseating. [WARNING: I am getting on a soapbox here!] I'm ashamed of the chuckleheads who buy into management's goal of pitting us pilots against each other. I've heard the anger from Mesa pilots thinking we're just out to ruin their ways of life, as well as the mainline guys accusing RJ crews of stealing our jobs. Who is really at fault for this? The MBA types who know very little about aviation, yet run our companies (and, not infrequently, into the ground at that!). They were taught somewhere along the line all about divide and conquer. And as long as scope is an issue, they have accomplished 50% of their mission. Our only hope is getting "same paint job, same seniority list" -- until then, the unenlightened pilots will allow division to be the unfortunate norm. [off soapbox now]

Back to the intent of the original thread . . . I had some bad intel. The rumors of a May recall were just that -- rumors. I recently found out that there are no plans Tracy knows of for another recall. So much for getting a paycheck without calling the unemployment hotline. Bummer, dude . . .

"your mileage may vary . . ."
Interesting! I didn't realize that the stronger form of the word "darn" would be censored like that.

I'm really not that bitter, just a little over-eager to resume my career. Ya'all be safe out there. Cheers!
Don't call me Irwin....

I hear ya dude....over-eager is the understatement of the year!!!

"I'm in bridgework....these foldouts take up a tremendous amount of space....

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