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AW&ST subscriptions


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Dec 9, 2005
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I've heard AW&ST subscriptions are dropping off a cliff. It's no wonder...I've heard nothing but complaints from airline folk who are subscribed to AW&ST. I let my subscription lapse in May 2009, interesting enough I still get a new magazine every week! Go figure... I too grew tired of their constant anti-airline, pro-management, pro-outsourcing slant to virtually every aviation article. Didn't matter if it was NASA, Boeing, ATC, fractional jet companies or a particular air carrier...labor was always the reason for any discussed problem!

What really turned me off was reading the almost monthly letter to editor authored by ASA Capt. Brian Wilson. APC regulars know how much of an idiot he is, and AW&ST published his anti-pilot, anti-labor ilk with increasing regularity.

The final straw that lead to my choosing to not renew my subscription was a letter to the editor I had published in AW&ST. I quoted a fact which was published in AW&ST's annual Sourcebook. Turned out the fact was wrong! I got completely lambasted on subsequent weekly letters to the editor. In my rebuttal letters I pointed out the fact I mentioned was published in AW&ST's sourcebook...the editor never published the letters and let me "hang" for their error. What a coward!


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Sep 20, 2008

That mag has been that way for many years. Interesting stuff on space and military equipent, but totally useless for airline news. BTW-You can have BW and every single one of his letters.

-If I see that name, I am not reading the letter.