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Avweb sued?

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Well-known member
Jan 29, 2002
I heard from a CFI buddy today that the infamous Mr. Wolk is suing (or sued?) Avweb at the tune of $100K because some columnists called him an ambulance chaser and some other not so nice things.

What's the story on this, or is everyone keeping their mouths shut in fear that Wolk's 747 sized ego will come after them? I can't find any reference on Avweb.

I hope this is a rumor. This kind of thing makes me sick. :eek:
I agree

Truth hurts...
Will do DC9 - thanks!

Wolk is a piece of work. His web site speaks volumes about him. There's a little java app that scrolls some text promoting him. He talks about being the "Aviation Expert" for the various networks, but worse, he brags that Larry King was amazed that he was able to state the cause of an accident immediately after it occured!

gubernator - that's exactly what I'm trying to do. I must admit that I jumped the gun a bit here and my comments are based upon information that I received from other pilots. The Avweb article sheds a good amount of light on the subject.
Actually, I don't need any further facts before I jump on the anti-lawyer bandwagon. I'm a permanent rider. Besides, Wolk is, in fact, an ambulance chaser and that's all I need to know to form my opinion.
hope you never need one of us...


You revile my profession, which is 99% honorable. I do not revile yours, partly because I am a pilot myself, albeit not as my "profession," but mostly because I think your profession is one of the most grossly underappreciated relative to your responsibility every time you spool up the engines. I suspect you might find 1% of professional pilots are not honorable, either (see, Aaliayah - drunk, AWA - drunk, Cape Air - drying out and recovering from drug addiction, and so on).

I have closed million dollar business deals when working with other lawyers, representing our respective clients in an effort to find a solution, on our word. Then we reduce it to writing, but the deal is effectively done when we give our word. Would you take 99% of the aviation employers at their word on your contract and then trust them to reduce it to writing correctly? From what I have read on this board over the past few years, I would say the answer is, "no." Even if you are able to do so, who do you call when they breach that agreement? Us. Why? Because you need us for what? Justice.

Please save your post and put it in your log book for safe keeping. Then, show it to the first aviation or administrative law attorney you meet with when the FAA is all over your a** for some dumb thing that you, the FAA and your employer knows is BS but the FAA won't drop because, without competent legal representation, you're an easy target and a notch on their "violation" pole which helps justify their bureaucratic existence. With an attorney in your corner, I suspect the FAAis much more likely to cave or make a very favorable deal.

I'm sure the lawyers you meet with will be very happy to help you after reading your saved post showing how much you respect what they can do for you.

Finally, please check your civil liberties at your bathroom door today because, without us, who stands between the government and you? Do you really think the government and unfortunately sometimes overzealous law enforcement would be so kind as to leave you alone and secure in your property, personal effects, home and bedroom, body and otherwise without the dedication of competent and aggressive defense attorneys who often work for low pay (such as public defenders, ACLU attorneys, etc.)??? Where do you think the court decisions that interpret the Bill of Rights and limit government power when they execute the laws (i.e., the cops, the DAs and the Judges) come from?? Mars?? The limits on governmental power exist because lawyers take on the coercive power of the government and say, for example, "no, you cannot prosecute someone for who they decide to associate with, so long as they are consenting adults," etc.

You hate us until you need us and when you do, we're the best friend you ever had.

Fly safe!!!
lawyers suck. they are the reason that general aviation is so costly. Why does one pay 150,000 for a new Cessna? You pay 40k for the airplane and $110 for the liability.

Granted there are some good lawyers who are well meaning, but alot of others...
Lawyers are probably like anything else. You have a large number of well meaning lawyers and only a handful of the ambulance chasers. Unfortunately, the bad seeds are the ones getting all the press, and ruin it for everyone else.

I don't have a problem with lawyers. But I do have a problem with the ones that use aviation safety soley as a vehicle to line their pockets with the money of grieving families. I'm not saying that Wolk does that, but there's something about his web site, and the manner in which he carries himself that makes me think that he's not completely well intentioned. I get a very big "used car salesman" vibe from him. But again, I realize that it's an opinion based on nothing resembling fact, so maybe I'm off base.

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