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Dec 2, 2001
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According to my latest ALPA council update, Jack Creighton told the AFA (flight attendant's union) at UA that if Avolar doesn't have a buyer by the end of March it will be shut down.

Maybe management has finally ceded to cutting their losses on this program!

I could never figure out the managements story on this program. They tried to tell us that it would somehow enhance revenue at mainline UA. I'm certainly no financial whiz, just a line pilot (for now). But, how would taking away the bread and butter passengers from mainline and sending them to Avolar help mainline UA?



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Nov 27, 2001
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While UA wants out, more for politics than any other reason, they only want a financial partner while they remain in control.

I really cannot figure out why the FA's make such an issue of this. If they are like the others, the numbers are nothing and the type work totally different.

Lastly, they are only trying to get a piece of the ececutive flying pie that is going away with them in the business or not.

Before I got into aviation, I managed a public company. We got into a corporate flight department back then because we felt that airline service was bad to where we needed to go and having an aircraft was more effective if we used it correctly.

That was 1970,,, imagine how we would have thought if we had to deal with todays service..


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Nov 26, 2001
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Say you own a restaurant that sells one thing - chicken. There are several different flavors of chicken, various drinks to go with it, but your trademark product is chicken. As time goes by, some people start to realize that they like steak better. Sure, it costs more and isn't for everyone, but gradually you start to notice some of your regulars at the steak restaurant across the street. More time goes by and your numbers aren't what they used to be, it is very apparent that many people are willing to pay the extra money for steak; it just tastes better. So you offer bigger portions, new flavors, free coffee with every chicken entree, even more comfortable seats to sit in while they eat. Still, people are going across the street. Your accountant tells you that if you don't change something soon, you may lose your business. Now what would you do? Change the chicken again or MAYBE start selling steak yourself???????!!!!

UAL is losing customers to the frax's every week. Avolar kills two birds: Keeping high-end customers in the UAL family (see above) and an entry into the proven fractional market. It is a business decision, and probably a good one. Just because the airline market is a little slow right now (I'm furloughed myself) doesn't mean that travel has stopped. Trust me, EJA and charter are happier than ever. You could compare it to diversifying your investments for an overall gain in the long run. It just makes sense.