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New member
Mar 30, 2002
Avolar was doomed to fail from the begining. Management was brought in from a Detroit automaker. This management team was used to spending money like drunken sailors. They had no idea on how to turn a profit. They were very good at pading their own pockets. They had Gulfstream pilots back in Detroit making $60,000/yr - yes you read it right! The pilots were going to take a good ------- as soon as management got the chance. The unions at United did the right thing to shut Avolar down. It saved United a ton of money! It should have happened a year ago, before 80 more lives(plus their families) were affected.
I have to agree that Avolar was DOA. Its unfortunate that 80 people were sucked in by their line of crap one need only look at how poorly the airline division is run to realize they never had a chance in an extremely service oriented company.

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