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Avolar is a contemporary Christian music group. I saw them in concert, they were great.

Avalar is the new fractional ownership that UAL started. They have currently invested about $40 million. They have hired 15 furloughed UAL pilots and should start flying the first 2 aircraft early next year.

They also recently announced an order of larger aircraft from Airbus, their business jet based on the A320 family. The current collective bargaining agreement requires that these larger aircraft shall be flown by mainline UAL pilots.

Due to UAL's current financial situation, they are also looking for outside partners to invest in Avalar.

That's the short version.

Fly safe,



Imagine my embarrassment while reading a UAL press release about avOlar this afternoon. I was told by a fellow pilot that it was spelled avAlar, and he seemed pretty sure of himself. Now I have a few more things on my todo list:

1. Apologize to DairyAir for 'correcting' his spelling ... done.

2. Tell my buddy he's full of it ...

3. Never again correct someone's spelling in pubic ...

fly safe


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