Avolar "Phase 2" Interview


Hüsker Dü you remember?
Feb 1, 2002
Total Time
Hi everyone.

I'm looking for information about Avolar's "phase 2" interview (my name for it).

I did my phone HR-type interview back in mid-January and was called yesterday to set up a date for an interview in DFW. It's coming up next week.

I'd like to hear from anyone who went through the process; ie. what's the interview like, who conducts it, how long is it, was it mostly technical, HR, cust. service, or what? Were you surprised by any questions?, etc.

Also, how was the sim eval.? How long, who does it (Avolar or Simuflite people), were there any written tests?, what's the flight profile like, what kind of sim is it, any emergencies/irregular stuff? How long did it take total?

I've asked lots of questions. Anyone who could shed some light on the answers would be greatly appreciated by me. Thanks. Good luck to all of us.