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AVOLAR Interview

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Active member
Dec 29, 2001
Just wondering if anyone has any info on the AVOLAR interview process? Don't have to give out specifics if you don't want to, just the general process, and timeframe. I heard that they are doing initial phone interviews. Also any info on domiciles would be great. Are the current crews all based in Chicago or do they let you live where you want, and airline you around. Thanks in advance for any light you could shed on the mystery! Gumby, any help?


It is true about the phone interview first. It usually
takes about 90 mins. This is more of personality
based session. It is admin. by a recruiting company.
It's been awhile since my interview, but I'm sure you will
make a trip to Chicago for at least one interview, with Avolar
We have a great bunch to interview with in ORD. I DO believe
that for the near future, all candidates will have at least corp.
exp. and preferably time in type. The bases' will be set up like some other popular companies. It is up to the company to airline
us around on UAL.
Avolar Interviews


I realize its early in the process, but is there any indication of what is involved in the interviews (ie. written / psych exams / sim / or just personal interviews with pilot / management?). Is it a one day deal or modeled more like a mainline interview?

Thanks in advance.



Mooney...The age range in my class was from a
low of 27 to a high of 52.
To anyone; has Avolar flown an airplane yet. I read somewhere they were in a little hot water for spending goverment bailout money on French jets.
Right now Avolar is operating 2 Falcon 50EXs and a Hawker 800. Their base of operation is currently PWK (Palwaukee Airport) which is just 8 miles North of ORD.


Yes we are flying, an doing alot of "demo" flights!!! We HAVE sold shares as well. Things are rolling along, and weare looking forward w/much anticipation to the future.

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