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Aviation Trivia


Curtis Malone
May 6, 2002
Total Time
1. What does the term "Whistle Stop Tuning" refer to?
2. What was the original TBO for a Lycoming IO-360 series engine?
3. What was the first certificated production Cessna with a cantilever wing (i.e.- no struts)?

Anyone know???

A Squared

Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Total Time
1) Just a guess, as I've never heard the term before, but I think it probagbly refers to tuning the older ADFs which were tuned with a variable capacitor. You selected BFO (beat frequency oscilator)which created a tone if you were tuned slightly off frequency and you turned the tuning knob until you reached the spot where the tone went away. I fly airplanes which are still equipped with this type of ADF.

2) I haven't a clue

3) I thought it would be the Airmaster, but according to Jane's, The very first production Cessnas had a cantiliever wing (the Type A)