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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Hello guys,
I have a Statistics course that I need to compare two things and run some calculations on it....

I thought I should do something in aviation....

I am thinking of comparing SE & ME accidents, accidents between catagories of pilots and hours. Where do I find this information????? I need the statistics and I don't know where to get it...

Please Help

This site will give you access to an accident data base.


If you put the appropriate queries (he said queries....tee hee... beat you to the punch) it will produce some interesting returns. You can sort by type of aircraft, manufacturer, key words, etc. Happy hunting.
I would start by checking the NTSB website. I also remember seeing an artical in one of the aviation mags (Flying, AOPA, or one of the other big ones) about a year or so ago with the exact info you are looking for. It had some pretty good stats comparing accidents in some of the more popular singles and light twins. Maybe someone else can give you the name of the mag and the month.

Sorry I couldn't provide any solid leads, but I hope this is a start and will help you out.


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