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New member
Feb 27, 2002
I am involved with an aviation education alliance marketing team. I am not that familiar with aviation magazines. Could anyone tell me the best magazines to advertise in to reach prospective students for our 4-year college, 2-year college and tech center programs in flight, maintenance, and management? We're looking to reach high school and college-level people. Thanks.
Good Mags

Most any of the mainstream aviation magazines and the training magazines. AOPA Pilot, Flying, Air Progress, Flight Training, Plane and Pilot. You might also consider such standbys as Popular Mechanics.

Hope that helps.

PS-Two more suggestions: Professional Pilot and maybe Popular Science.
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Gee Whiz

Gee Whiz Bobby, you could at least given me a plug..... surely it was not our last debate......a couple of old guys should stick together.
Private Pilot and Pilots Journal to round out the list.

Things are never as bad as they seem or as good as claimed.

If careers were based on a day, September 12 would have been the end of aviation.

It is hard to pursue a dream when you never had or started one.

In the medium term, things will be worse than you like, but a whole lot better than you think.
Hey, Pub . . . .

What DO you publish? While I cannot stand Lou Smith, his lieutenant, Kit Darby, and their FAPA progeny and promotions of false hopes and P-F-T propaganda, both of us are inching closer to AARP age, and you're a nice guy. . . .

I would have had I known . . . . . :) Honest to G-d, the ones I put up were the first to come to mind. Shame on me for not thinking of Private Pilot. :( I used to read it.

Thanks for your prediction. We should all want all pilots to go back to work and those who aspire to the career, young and old, to reach fulfillment of their goals - but not through
P-F-T and pay-for-interview!!

Take care.

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