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Aviation Formulas

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darling pretty

Well-known member
Feb 1, 2002
Anybody know of a site/resource that will provide aviation formulas you can "plug" into a spreadsheet (Excel), so you can use the functions on a PDA or is there a program out there for a WIN CE device for aviation functions?


fl000, thanks dude. that just brought back some really bad memories from my electronic navigation class.
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That's getting there but you are right - I need a PhD to understand all of that. Thanks for trying.

Anybody else have any recommendations?
Aviation formulae

Purchase an electronic flight computer, such as a Navtronic or Avstar. You just have to plug in the numbers, hit a key, and all the work will be done for you. It's too much time and brain damage, in my .02 opinion, to try to get a spreadsheet program to calculate these formulae for you.

Your good, old-fashioned E6B whizwheel can do the calculations you need to perform. It has conversion charts for F to C and is as easy to use as a sliderule.

I looked at FL000's site. No offense to him/her, but it brought back very painful memories of third semester h.s. algebra.
Palm Plot Software

darling pretty,

I agree with bobbysamd. Get a whiz wheel...no batteries required! If that's not what you want, I looked at a freeware program for the Palm Pilot called "CoPilot v3.2". I don't know if it works for the WIN CE computing platform. The website is:


Hope this is what you need. Take care and fly safe.

Thanks FL000!!

What a cool site.....

I'm furloughed, so I need something to keep synapses firing.

And if you think that this stuff isn't used, I had an interview recently (for a REAL flying position) and I was asked how to ascertain the crosswind component. Easy, it is the sine of the angular difference between the wind and the runway. The Chief Pilot provided positive feedback that I knew this formula. Or you could have also looked it up on the chart, but the aforementioned is the quick and "dirty" way...

Finally, I second the statement to purchase a "whiz wheel"

P.S. I already know that I am a [furloughed] dork.
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Whizwheel uses

I forgot to mention that you can calculate crosswinds and unknown winds with an E6B. Don't ask me how; I haven't picked mine up in more than eight years.

No, I never belonged to any flight team. I read the instructions.

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