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Aviation Art

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F15 Ret/FDX/InterviewPrep
Nov 25, 2001

Not trying to just do a shameless plug, but the artist Mike McGee and I plied a lot of the same skies for years in Alaska and Tyndall. Our douffer books were simply outstanding with "Magoo" in the squadron...he could do some incredible things with a simple pen. In our 95th weapons shop, we had a picture left on a whiteboard of a P-47 and an ME-109 that he sketched one day on the board and was simply too good to erase. It lasted through about 3 years including an ORI before someone finally decided it had to be erased.

Mike flew the A-10 in Gulf I and did some serious killing. We then flew Eagles together in Alaska, and he went to Tyndall as an IP while I went ops to ops to Germany. When I came to Tyndall I joined him in the 95th for a while. He then flew Hornets on a Navy exchange and learned to speak a new language...Navy...and then returned to his Mass home as a Guardsman at Cape Cod. He retired about 3 years ago and now sits reserve on the A320 for Jetblue in Boston. When the phone isn't ringing...he's in his studio.

Check out his stuff....and if in Boston or you are a Jetblue guy look him up. Great guy, great storyteller, and fantastic artist...
Funny story about the artist you speak of:

Tyndall pilot gym, a few bros in there on treadmills and lifting. Magoo comes in and eventually makes his way to the "lat pull down" machine (you know, the long handle bar over head with a cable you pull down behind your neck).
He sets the weight pin, gets ready and gives a mighty heave. Unable to budge the weight.
He reduces the weight, gets ready and tries again, practically lifting his body off the ground but is unable to move the weight even a little.
One more weight reduction and another massive effort yields no better result.

Everyone's watching this, thinking he's joking but in fact he was not. He was just the only guy in the room who was unaware the pull-down bar was hooked to the storage ring and not the weight cable. :D
Yes...the very same one. "Porkchop" in the A-10, "Magoo" in the Eagle...

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