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Aviation and the Media

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Hittin' the road...
Nov 25, 2001
Not like it is anything new, but certainly further evidence came withtwo crashes today. In 3 hours, I have heard of an "experienced 15 year old pilot (because he took his first be-a-pilot ride at 13, and washed airplanes), a Cessna 172 that holds 500 gallons of jet fuel, and a four engine Cessna (in Boulder).

Fox News, likes to pride itself on "News, Fair and Balanced". Ever notice and wonder why they don't mention "Accurate"?

Hmmmm.....We may be on to something.
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These days, the media care only about being first. They figure that they can just throw crap out there, and if it's incorrect, they can just change it later. This is contrary to old school journalism which, while predatory, contained highly accurate information. The tradeoff was that the general public had to wait several hours for a televised report, or even a day until the next paper hit the rack. In this day of 24 hour news, they are desperate for anything to keep the viewer attached to the screen. For MSNBC to scroll "United Express" in reference to the Boulder crash is both appalling and highly irresponsible. They almost gave my poor Ravengirl a heart attack! Have you also noticed that today's battalion of journalists is less educated than in the past? Their grammar be horrible and they spell worse than piluts.
really now?

"Your" (?) poor (?) Ravengirl didn't almost have a heart attack. Worry not, I'm in fine health. I was, however, concerned about what was going on. I brought it up because no one else had at that point, and I wanted to see if anyone knew more than I did, which obviously wasn't a lot.

Within an hour of the Gulfsream III crash in Aspen last year, I was paged to bring a Local News crew from LA to Aspen. After receiving weather reports I opted to fly to Rifle, CO. Enroute I was asked many aviation questions by the news people I was carrying. About half way there I found out that the Captain of the ill fated ship was an old friend of mine. It was pretty quiet after that. When I returned home I was surprised to see that many of the questions posed to me were turned around to reflect the Gulfstream aircraft. I was flying a westwind that evening and the reporters used the questions they asked me enroute to answer the accident questions that arised when they got to the seen. I was horrified to see the printed version in the local papers but relieved to see that the national papers got it right. This reply has nothing to do with who was right that evening (I know my buddy f***ed up) but the irresponsible journalism that followed.

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