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avg. pay 1st year at skywest?

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Seeing the light
Nov 27, 2001
just wondering what most FO's take home per month that first year.

thanks in advance
Check out the SkyWest web page. That should tell you exactly what their current pay scale is. I believe it is a link in a .pdf format.

The web page is: www.skywestpilot.com

You will also find their minimums and current hiring status on the same page.


I was looking for some actual numbers from a first year FO, in SLC ideally, that includes hours flown, per diem, etc.

anybody with that info, thanks for the help
Pay for the first year is $19.02 an hour. Plan on about 70-75 hours of pay a month through IOE. I fly the CRJ in SLC and don't know how long you would sit reserve on the Brasilia but don't plan on breaking the reserve quarantee of 75 hours. If you can hold a line you can plan on 85-90 hours of pay plus $300-$450 of per diem. Usually there are people trying to give trips away and there may be open time available which could add to the paycheck.

As far as the number of hours flown it can vary. If you sit reserve for a long time you may only have a couple hundred hours at the end of the first year, but I've known others that had nearly 1000 in the Brasilia. You can fly up to 120 hours a month in the Brasilia.

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