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AvcareerTV & SWA today at 2pm

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
Chief pilot from Southwest will be on AvCareer.TV today at 2pm

Go to www.avcareer.tv and hit gotoshow at 2pm.

You need RealOne to see it, although the show will be archived and avialable within 48 business hours in multiple formats and speeds.
Cool, anybody else see it?

Just you, Uncle Necro. Just you.

Hey since you only like old, outdated, non-consequential and superfluous things, why don't you tell us about that shiny new jet on your avatar? In your world, that's gotta' be the coolest, new thing out there....

Bubba you've got to admit his necro-posts are amusing from time to time. What would FI be without uncle bunkle? even his name is amusing

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