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Australian RAF looking to recruit Foreign Aircrew

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Nov 26, 2002
An Overseas Military friend of mine passed this to me. An interesting proposition in the vien of the Foreign Legion. Maybe someone on here would be interested. I know they are hurting for F-18 pilots.


Air Force Recruiting Information for Ex Service or Serving Members of a Foreign Military Force only.

Note: Foreign nationals who do not have prior military experience must apply for enlistment through Defence Force Recruiting once they have satisfied normal Australian permanent residency requirements.


The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has limited vacancies for qualified and experienced current Serving Members and recent Ex Serving Members of Foreign Military Forces. Detailed below are the specialisations and musterings that the RAAF is presently interested in:


Air Defence;
Air Traffic Control;
Engineer (Aeronautical, electronics, armament and airfield);
Administration; and

Non-commissioned Officers

Airborne Electronics Analysts; and
Geospatial Imagery Intelligence Analysts.

Entry Requirements


Age: Maximum age on appointment is 39 years for aircrew and 44 years for other forms of entry. Applicants need to be within the age limit by at least 8 months on application.

Employment Standard: Applicants must not have any employment or locality restrictions that might impede participation in base combat duties or participation in physical fitness testing.

Discharge: Applicants must be discharged from their parent service (including release from reserve service obligations) before appointment. Applicants cannot be appointed whilst on terminal leave.

Service History: Applicants must have an above average service history. Officer candidates must hold minimum rank of FLTLT (or equivalent), while Airmen must hold minimum rank of Leading Aircraftsman (LAC) or equivalent with significant experience.

Mobility: All applicants must be prepared to serve anywhere in Australia or overseas at short notice.

Availability: In general, applicants who accept an offer of employment must be available to join the RAAF within 12 months after the offer is made. An offer will generally be made up to 2 months after the application is received, followed by a 6-12 month processing period.


The RAAF currently has a labour agreement to permit sponsorship of visas for those individuals who are recommended for processing for appointment or enlistment. Those applicants approved for sponsorship are responsible for obtaining a permanent resident visa. The applicant and each dependent family member must hold a permanent resident visa before appointment.

Applicants must make a written undertaking that they will apply for Australian Citizenship as soon as they are eligible (normally after three months service in the Permanent Air Force).


Applicants must hold an appropriate Australian Defence Force (ADF) security clearance (minimum of 'secret') before appointment. Australian security arrangements require that applicants have a background of at least 10 years, which can be directly verified by the Defence Security Agency. Current international agreements permit verification of applicants who have been living in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or the United States. Applicants from other countries require more specific and lengthy vetting procedures, which may preclude their appointment being considered.

Application Timings

Whilst expressions of interest can be submitted at any time, formal applications are reviewed in March of each year, in consideration for vacancies that are anticipated for the following financial year ie: 1 Jul - 30 Jun. Candidates being considered for a vacancy must be available for appointment within the following financial year.

Specialisation Requirements


The RAAF currently only has a requirement for pilots who are:

Qualified Flying Instructors (with fast jet experience);
Fighter Combat Instructors;
F/A-18 pilots or instructors; and
Pilots with other unique qualifications (eg: test pilot, previous exchange pilots with the RAAF).


Navigators must be:
Category B (above average) and have completed two operational tours. The RAAF's current requirement for navigators require experience in the following areas:
Air Lift Group (C130, B707) : minimum 1500hrs with postgraduate qualifications (eg: tanker operations);
Surveillance and Response Group (P3C Orion): Must be TACO / TAC NAV qualified with minimum of 1500hrs; and
Air Combat Group (F-111): Minimum of 800hrs on strike/reconnaissance aircraft with postgraduate weapons qualifications.

Air Defence

Applicants must be qualified and competent fighter controllers and must have:
Proven ability to control a minimum of four fighter aircraft without supervision (live not simulated);
Minimum of 80hrs simulated control; and
Minimum of 150hrs live control (some experience in the last three years).

Engineering Officers

Applicants who are qualified in electrical engineering (particularly in ground�based fields rather than avionics-related fields) and aeronautical engineering may be considered.

Air Traffic Control

Have held an Approach Radar (APR) and an Aerodrome Control (ADC) rating in the last three years. In addition it is desirable to have held a minimum of two APR and two ADC ratings, Supervisory ratings, have Training Officer or Instructor qualifications and have experience in a deployed environment.

Mustering Requirements (for non-commissioned ranks)

Airborne Electronics Analyst

Applicants must be qualified Airborne Electronics Analysts.

Geospatial Imagery Intelligence Analyst

Applicants must be qualified Geospatial Imagery Intelligence Analysts.

Information Required

All expressions of interest can be sent to :

STAT Attn: AT2
Directorate of Personnel - Air Force
Department of Defence
R8 - 6 - 039

Or alternatively via e-mail to:

SGT Stacey Ould ([email protected])

Expressions of interest should contain the following information:

Postal Address;
Phone number and Facsimile number;
Email Address;
Current or Previous Defence Force;
Date of Birth;
Date of Enlistment;
Current Rank or Rank on Discharge and Date of Discharge;
Reason for Discharge (if applicable);
Employment History to include:
Training and Postgraduate Courses Completed;
Total Hours Flown and Aircraft Types Flown (for aircrew applicants);
Total Live and Simulated Control Hours (for air defence applicants);
Proficiency Rating; and
Any other Relevant Details.


All overseas qualifications submitted must be accompanied by an assessment of Australian equivalencies. This is to be undertaken at the applicant's cost.

The body that assesses overseas trade and education qualifications is AEI (Australian Education International). AEI, through the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (AEI-NOOSR), provides official information and advice on the comparability of overseas qualifications with Australian qualifications. This aims to help overseas qualified people work and study in Australia.

Postal Address:

AEI Group
Department of Education, Science and Training
GPO Box 9880

Phone: +61 2 6211 9334
Facsimile: +61 2 6240 7636

or their website, http://aei.dest.gov.au/AEI/QualificationsRecognition/Default.htm
Interesting prospect.

From what I've heard, I believe that the strongest consideration for a RAAF position would be given to candidates from other Commonwealth nations (such as Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, etc.), but I may be mistaken.

Also, my understanding is that someone who is accepted into this position would receive expedited consideration for Australian citizenship (for those who so desire), and may actually be expected to accept Australian citizenship.

There is a thread pertaining to this topic in the military aircrew forum on the PPRuNe board. Some of the respondents on that thread have actually applied to and/or accepted a RAAF position. Probably good reading for anyone interested.
Last edited:
I talked with a recruiter when i was in Newcastle, NSW a couple of years ago. It definitely a bonus if you're from another nation of the crown. Aus, NZ, Canada, UK, etc. They're pretty much interchangeable. Also, you WILL be required to become an Oz citizen (at least that's what I was told).

USAF/USN folks aren't eligible if they've still got IRR/Reserve commitments left.
I am sure it is probably easier from one of former Brit empire nations, but my friend who sent me this is from the Czech Republic, and one of his friends has been accepted for the SAS selection course. They are SF types. So I imagine anything is quite possible. I imagine if you are an F18 guy you would be in.

Yes my friend also said that you could become an AUS citizen after 2 or 3 years.
I have heard that the RAAF has been having a hell of a time finding pilots because they fly so rarely. No kidding, you're better off going the FBO route in Australia if you want to do a lot of flying.
A RAF pilot friend of mine made the transition easily, I've thought about but find the info criptic and no info about possible salary ranges ... Australia is cool, but for me it's about the bling bling.

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