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August 16th Delta new hire assignments??

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Active member
Nov 1, 2006
Anyone have any idea where the first group of new hires will be based and/or what equipment they were assigned?
There were two atl 88, a bunch of msp 88's, dtw and msp 320's and the 88 in nyc, and a few DC-9's. So they all fought over those slots. No 7ER, 73N,

I do not remember the numbers in each base, but in it covered all of the new hires and FB in that class.
Thanks for the info. Is there somewhere on deltanet that posts each class awards?
I got the 777.....sweet!!
Nice Bill.

I am sure the awards will be out with the new seniority list in a few weeks.
If you look at the wide reports for Sept you can see where most of the FB guys that were on property prior to the Sept bid closing are now sitting. A quick glance showed few 88 in atl and a bunch on the 320 in msp.

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