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Auburn University

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yeah they had to surrender their 141 certificate because the have been operation without a chief pilot for a couple of months now. heard the last one resigned after he and a student landed with the gear up.
Remember when the old chief instructor dead sticked the duchess into Ft. Benning??
yeah, TP and student Single engine into Benning in march of '01, lost the second on the rollout,....2 weeks later while on a multi-commercial check ride, I was told by same chief pilot "you've got too much gas" ???...
It's been years since I instructed at AU but I was there when TP was ousted. I must say that while many complained about her micro management the program has suffered since her departure. The two assistant chiefs that were there directly after her departure did a great job keeping the program somewhat organized during a time of disarray. Unfortunately, as with most programs like this there is a relatively high turnover rate when the airlines are hiring and without a micromanager things were simply overlooked. For those of you familiar with Auburn Flight Education the actual instruction and syllabus were top notch and I feel the experience you receive at Auburn is unrivaled by any other school with an "aviation program." Of course this is a somewhat biased opinion as I grew up in Alabama and love Auburn. I'm also married to a hot Auburn girl and we are there most weekends during the fall. Either way, PG is the biggest asset to the program, does anyone know if she is still "running" the day to day operation?

TP explained to me once that I might act the same way she did were I too responsible for 200 kids trying to kill themselves in my airplanes.
People are way to tough on TP. Was she everybody's friend? NO. Was she 100% fair? YES. She was no BS, get it done now type of person. I can see how a bunch of early 20 year olds didn't want to deal with her, I was one of them. She has my respect, if that means anything, and i think as a boss she did what she needed to do.
TP drove me away from Auburn. I already had my CFI when I started as a freshman and she basically said it was worthless since I didn't do it there. Then went on to tell me how if I left, it would "hurt" my career. Thankfully I left....

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