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Attn UPS Swimmers and Applicants

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Below Mins

Nothing can go wrong now!
Jun 7, 2005
Just got off the phone with HR.....

If you have already interviewed, you do NOT need to have your letters of rec updated.

If you have not interviewed and your rec letters were submitted prior to Aug 22, you need to have your buds submit a new one on AirUPSers.com. Letters submitted prior to this date are no longer valid.
And yet another answer from UPS HR

I inquired with UPS HR as well via email, and they stated it would be helpful to have sponsors resubmit their recommendations in the new format (have been in the pool since April). For what it is worth. Good luck to everyone! Keep training, taking your vitamins, and saying your prayers.

I have a contact at UPS that is on the tech/engineering side of the company. Does a sponser have to be a pilot/flight ops manager?
Even more confusion...

According to UPS, Phil D. and Paige M, during the D.C. job fair, all online resumes and recs have to be resubmitted on 15 Sep due to new online app system.
I posted this in another thread, but do any of you wearing brown know a Steve Jennings?

Ooops....when i did the search and replied to the two threads i didn't realize they were both in the majors section, but iwill leave this one here as well anyway.

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