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Attention computer nerds/pilots

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Apr 6, 2005
I have been recently looking into the possibility of writing a flight and duty time tracking program and have been asking around about the best language and/or method, when I had what might be a better idea.

Is anyone interested in starting an open-source project on this? At first, the scope could be just to define the terms and methods, then move on to writing code. I am thinking about using visual basic or realbasic.

After the core code was written, there could be other aspects of flight department management that could be added to the application in order to
expand it's usefulness. Features such as PC and line check currency, etc.

The idea would be that any company could use the code for their own in-house tracking programs, modify the code to use it in a database application, or compile it into their own stand-alone application.

Anyone interested in throwing ideas around for this project? I think it would be an interesting excercise, though I expect it to be a break-even deal at best financially.
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