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Attention 200 / B200 Drivers . . .

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Well-known member
Feb 24, 2002
Could you help me out a bit? I'm doing some comparison shopping, and I need a sample EW and CG, so I can do a W&B scenerio.

Just a normal 200 or B-200 EW and CG.

200 and B200 have the same CG and W&B forms. Typically the weplty wieight is around 8200 lbs. Max ramp is 12590 with mtow of 12.5 3600 lbs of fuel and that will get you 5.5 hours of flying at 265 kts.
Basically if it fits in the door the King Air will take it. on a side note. The military flies the same airplane at 14.7 MTOW and requires a type rating.
Since when did the military require a type rating for any of its pilots or airplanes? (yes you can qualify for civilian types if there is an equivilant ie B-707 for the KC135 ect...)

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