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ATP's 90 day Pilot Program??

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Active member
Jan 25, 2002
Wondering if someone could give me some info about the program, if it is reputable...good place to start working on ME and other certifications...?
And if so, after all these certificates would it be pretty easy to find and instructing job to gain time...ect?

Plus, I'm still a high school senior, going to college in Dallas, how much flying would yall recommend while in school, and when should i begin a program like this...after college, senior year???

I've been browsing some other threads about the fast pace training option...don't wanna start any heated arguments here, just a confused soul looking for a good place to begin...

Many Thanks in Advance,
ATP is a good school, good equipment. I did my multi there. Nothing wrong with doing it fast if you have the money.

Faster is sometimes better. Many people who start go so slow that they are constantly having to spend some time relearning the previous lessons.

If you get the time set aside where you can go at it consistantly and fairly quicly immersing yourself. it may work better for you.

The question of timing needs more definition of your personal situation. summer after high school may be good. Just be commited when you start.
whoops wrong button....HA...hope too many of you pilots out there don't have to say that one too often : ) See new thread....sorry
Accelerated schools

A lot depends on your style of learning. Going to these places can be like drinking water from a firehose. You can be overwhelmed if too much comes at you too fast. You'll be receiving a lot of new information that you HAVE to learn right then and there or you'll get behind. That's something to consider. On the other hand, ariline training is accelerated and the sooner you get used to it, the better.

My first priority, if I were you, would be to finish college and get your degree NOW. You are in academic learning mode right now. Getting out of academic learning mode and getting back to it is very hard. This is especially true after you earn your CFI and can work and make money.

The degree is a must-have if you want to get anywhere in this industry. Get it now and get it out of the way. A degree will always serve you, even if you don't choose aviation as your career. You can always go to summer school (ugh) to finish college quicker. Then, you can devote your full attention to flight training. ATP or a similar program will be there and waiting for you after college.

Good luck with school.
I agree with the previous posts, especially Bobbysamd's. I did exactly what he recommended you do. I went to college, got my degree, Dispatcher's license, and private pilot's license. After that I even took a Dispatching job with a regional for a year to save up some $$, THEN I went to flight school (at ATP's) and finished up all my ratings in 95 days. So, yea, I'd definetly recommend getting your degree first. I've seen many people start college, then get all their ratings and begin instructing before dropping out of school. Its easy to do. I mean, what's more exciting, flying all day flight instructing, or sitting in a classroom all day in school? Get the degree first so you don't have the "I'm going back to school some day to finish my degree" syndrome. I"m not saying it can't be done, its just hard to get back into that mode, as most people on this post have already stated.

As far as ATPs goes, I'd definetly recommend the school. Its a very fast paced program and involves a lot of self studying, but if you are 100% committed, it will be worth it. The cost is much less than a lot of the other big name flight schools and the structure is more laid back. Do a search on this message board and I'm sure you'll find out a lot more info.

Good luck!

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