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Apr 24, 2002
Okay, so here's the question. I just got done taking my ATP written, and did reasonably well with it. Is this as far as I should go, or should I call up a place like Sheble and go get the rating in 2 days? I've read in other threads about how "pay for training" looks bad. Would getting my ATP before I even get to a regional fall into that category, or would it just look ambitious?

paying for your atp is not PFT. get the rating, it will make you more qualified than those that don't have it. it might open some doors.
Getting an ATP on your own is in no way the same as "PFT"... It is just another rating to add to your resume... Just like you paid for your Private Certificate and your Commercial Certificate... I would HIGHLY recommend getting your ATP ASAP... It looks good and makes your more competitive...

Now if the company you applied to makes you pay them for your initial training (or else they won't hire you) THAT is pay for training (PFT)... A lot of the Pay-for-Training in the early 90's were companies who made you pay $10,000 up front to cover SIC Training typically in a Turbo-Prop aircraft (Usually a Beech 1900 or the like)... It was a total scam and should have never happened, BUT they did it, and unfortunately there were a lot of guys who paid to do this.... It is one of the worst things for our industry, NEVER do PFT (also known as Buy-A-Job)... The worst part is these guys were paying for SIC training in a 1900 (which is nothing more than a big King Air) and then they worked at F/O's for the company making about $13,000 a year... what a joke!

I refused to go the PFT route myself... I stayed as a CFI a little longer and went directly to a charter operator who gave me training in a King Air 100 and Lear 35 (THEY paid 100% for the training, no training contract or anything) and they started me at $25,000 per year plus overtime... I made about $31,000 my first year... At that time Beech 1900 Captains were making about $20,000, and it took 2-3 years for them to upgrade!

I hope this helps.... Go get your ATP and add it to your resume... if you play your cards right it will be the last money of your own you ever spend on training for yourself!
Getting your ATP will make you a more attractive candidate. It is not considered "PFT" to get this license. You will get an ATP when you upgrade at a regional, if you don't have one at the time. Can't hurt to do it on your own (except your wallet).

Go get it.

Just get it done. Its the right thing to do. It could very well be what gets you hired or a job over someone else. For me it helped. When I interviewed @ ALG (it WAS a good place to get a job 4 years ago) I didn't have it, just the written. I did fine but not great in the interview so I went out the next week and banged out the rating at ALLatp's. Faxed the CP then, Scrubby, and had an offer two weeks after. It made up for a sucky (on my part) interview.

Besides just get it done, it's the last rating you need (and you don't have to worry when you upgrade)- unless Boeing and Airbus turn out a single engine airliner.

I don't know where you live but ALLatp's seems to be good. Kind of a 2 day in and out.

Hope it helps
Happy Flying
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Personally I think the ATPw on a resume means absolutely nothing... Take the ATPw and get the ATP Certificate, now THAT means something... The written is merely a formality to getting the Certificate...

...and the FEXw says "I am not sticking around long, or at least my plan is to not stick around long!" Be careful about adding this one to your resume too soon... also it is only good for 24 calander months, so it will probably expire long before you ever turn it into an FE Certificate... and after 9/11 a lot of the majors retired their older aircraft that required 3 crewmembers so I would tend to think when they start to hire again in a few years, they won't be requiring an FEXw anymore...

Food for thought....
I agree with Falcon Capt.

Put it this way....

Don't run with scissors
Eat your veggies
be kind to animals
Look both ways before crossing the street
Buy low sell high
dont stare at the sun
dont drive drunk
use a condom

As for the FEXw it really only applies to UPS abd FEDEX now. Mine is up this summer and I'll retake it just for UPS/FEDEX, but will not put it on a SWA, JetBlue or corp. job res.

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