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ATP written

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Well-known member
Mar 6, 2002
Getting ready to take my ATP 135 written. Heard a rumor that if you take the 135 version there aren't any questions on the DC9 727 or 737. Is this true? I know if you take the 121 you can have both, but what about the 135 version??
I recently took the ATP 121 and got questions from 135 IFR flight and performance questions. Luckily I reveiwed all the performance questions for each a/c and all the IFR flights.

My advice is to study and be prepared for everything, other than the specific section dealing with regs. In your case don't read the 121 regs.

Also, make sure you double check your answers, as a lot of the calculation questions are sort of trick questions. For instance, you might work out a problem and find that your answer matches one of the three choices, ubt end up getting it wrong. YOU MUST read the notes for every graph and chart.

For instance:

Some of the questions deal with determining the time, distance and fuel burned that are derived from charts. Some of these will require you to account for a headwind and tailwind, while others don't. KNOW which ones do and whether it requires you to add or subtract the difference. In certain cases a headwind will require you to subtract and others to add tothe figure.

Some of the W/B questions require you to add the crew weight and index, while on others it is already included in the operating weight. The question will tell you to look at both charts, so know which figures apply. If you use the incorrect chart, you will get an answer that works out and is one of the choices but wrong.

There are a bunch of formulas that you should memorize too. Just make sure you know them all.

Since you're taking the 135 exam, it would be wise to be familiar with all the IFR trips not just the ones that are 135. I got mostly all 135 trip questions, and very few 121.

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