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ATP written ????

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Well-known member
Jan 13, 2002
I am studying for my135 ATP written and would like to know if and how many of the DC-9, 727 and 737 questions are on this test. I have heard that the 135 is centered around the BE1900 and doesn't delve into the other A|C. Is this true? Please help!!
ATP written????

If you are using the Gleim book, chapter one tells you which chapters you should and should not study depending on which exam you are studying for.:)
When I took the 121 written, the questions like w & b and flight planning only covered one airplane out of the group. Like the 747 going from vegas to SFO how much fuel. Then the next question would be how much time. Thank god, because those were the only flight planning questions I had memorized.

Good Luck.
Does it matter which test you take. Such as, if you are planning on working for the airlines, take the 121 and vice versa. I have heard it doesn't matter. I just would hate to have to take it twice.

ATP written

It doesn't matter if you take the ATP 121 or 135 written. Take whichever exam is easier for you. It makes no difference to the examiner.

I took the 121 after attending a weekend school and did fine, having no 121 or 135 experience whatsover.

Good luck with the written.
Bob is absolutely correct about it doesn't matter which one you take. If you have no prior 121 or 135 experience then you should take the 135 ATP exam because its easier.

If you already have 121 experience, take the 121 ATP exam because you are all ready familiar with many of the regs.

Vice versa if you have 135 experience.

just go to your nearest ATP flight school (1-800-ALLATPS) and lay out the 250$ for the test. study the first day and take it the second. I never even opened the book, in fact, I cant tell you what color it is. I took the 121 test on the same day after studying the 250 or so questions in the study bank and missed two, made a 98%.
dont waste your time with the Gleim or ASA test prep. its all a mind game to confuse you, then take your money while you are recovering from vertigo.
try it!
If you are a self learner, go ahead and buy the Gleim of Jepp test prepp. Study it a couple hours a day and then in 2 weeks time you will be ready to take the exam and pass easily above 90%. This whole ground school thing and paying 250 clams is out of the question for most of us who are furloughed and don't have any money. Its not like chaos math or quantim physics or anything. Its just another written exam.

Good Luck!
just took mine yesterday, and used the computer software. i took practice test after pracitce test, until i consistently passed. the disk is something like $60. best of luck,

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