ATP written & Sheppard Air


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Mar 9, 2002
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Before anyone asks, yes I spent about an hour searching/looking over old posts regarding the ATP written to include Sheppard Air info.

Anyways, I used them a while back and just had a friend ask me about them. I told him I thought they were great but it’s been a while and my info was outdated. Anyone use them in the past year or even more recently? Any comments? They were great back then and if I remember right they break it down into 7 sections that you can individual study/quiz one section at a time? And I think you can also take a complete practice test over all the sections, randomizing the answers and questions? Is that still the case?

One other question I have. If you take the test in December is a 2007 database still in use, or do the Feds switch over to the 2008 edition at some point in 07? Heck I don’t even know if the questions would change that much, so someone more enlightened than me please chime in.

Thanks all