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ATP Written Exam Details

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Mar 9, 2005
When studying for the ATP Written Part 135 exam, is it necessary to study all of the performance chapters or just the one chapter pertaining to the Beech 1900? I have heard several individuals lately tell me this is the case, but, when test time comes, I don't want to be unprepared. According to them, taking the Part 121 version requires knowledge of numerous performance chapters in comparison to just one of the Part 135 version.

Since I am employed with a Part 135 operator, this is the obvious route to take. Maybe it will save some time?
The ONLY chapter you don't have to know is the FAR chapter relating to the test you are NOT taking. Skip the FAR 121 chapter if you are taking 135. But you do have to know the performance problems on the 767 etc. I know because when I took the 135 test ALL of my performance problems were from the supposed 121 sections, which I had looked at, but not studied a lot. I did ok, because I was a lucky guesser on a few. I e-mailed Dr. Gleim himself and got a response back that approximately 20% of the tests for 135 will be heavy on the 121 performance and xcountry questions, and vice versa. That's why you hear many people say all they got was the 135 questions, while a vocal minority will warn you to study them all. So that's the scoop from the guy who knows anyway.

p.s....in the end nobody cares which test you took anyway, and neither one is "harder" than the other.

Thanks a lot CFIcare. That is what I read from the Gleim itself, but I was curious as to what other actual experiences folks have encountered. I guess that I will have to spend some extra time studying those performance sections. Don't want to get jammed up in the test like you did...
I have to agree. I took the 121 ATP and had a lot of 135 aircraft, peformance and IFR trip questions. Almost none were from the 121 sections. Luckily, just before I took the test I glanced over soem ofthe 135 stuff "just in case." Glad I did.

Study EVERYTHING except the regs. section for the part you won't be taking.

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