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ATP written (135 style)

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Ex Chicken
Nov 26, 2001
For all out there who have taken the ATP written (135 addition), I have a question about the performance data sections. The Gleim book says that I have to study everything EXCEPT ch 4 (121 regs). It is been my understanding that the only aircraft in the performance data section is the be1900. True or False? ( I am only looking for answers from people that have actually taken the 135 test). I don't want to get into the test and have questions on the dc9, 73 and 72 and bomb. Any insight will be much appreciated. -Bean

ps YES, I lied on my profile, I don't have my ATP, but I will in a couple weeks.

pps Most of the questions in the ATP written are SOOOOOOOOO stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah do the 135 written do you wont have to worry about the DC-9, 727, etc questions. I studied all those not realized those were not a part of the test. Oh well. Just concentrate on the mighty beech questions if you are doing the 135
414flyer, thanks for the answer. That is what I thought, just wanted to confirm it before I took the test.

The funny thing is that I am on furlough from a 121 carrier but the 135 test is so much easer I can't bring myself to study all the rest of the useless stuff for the 121 test. If the extra 121 info was ever used in the real world it would be worth the effort, but having been there and knowing that it is outdated crap, I will take the short cut. Again thanks, -Bean
I used the ASA ATP test prep on CD ROM. I highly recommend it. It's broken down for either 121 or 135. You have the material for both. The program gives you a choice between the two to study on. The Gleim book has a code by each question stating either 121, 135, or dispatcher ect. It was nice being able to turn on your computer select the icon select 135 study prep and to go through the program in a week. Very user friendly.
I'm working on the 135 written. I'll post any thoughts after I take the test, several weeks from now.

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