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ATP written 121 or 135?

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Hello I'm gonna get my ATP in about year once I get the hours and the age. I meet 135 mins however don't know many of the regs. My plans are to be at a airline someday, should I take the 121 test or 135 test? I figure if I take the 135 test I'll have a head start on 135 regs for a freight job, however not as applicable to the airlines.

What do you guys recommend?
I'm gonna do it the cheap way with the the BIG RED BOOK!

ATP written

It makes no difference which ATP written you take. Take the one that's the least trouble to take. It will make no difference come practical time.

For example, I knew nothing about 121 and 135. I went to a weekend groundschool and took the 121 ATP written the Tuesday after class. I did fine.

Good luck with studying.
You could flip a coin and let that decide. Like bobbysamd said it doesn't matter. I took the 135 because the systems were on the 1900 and not 727's and other heavy stuff that I will probably never fly or if I do it will be a long time from now. I wasn't asked which test I took during an interview with a regional. Then again I had my ATP by then and it wouldn't mattered I guess. If your going to get the rating before you get to a airline just take the 135. You will be familar with the regs if you are flying 135 anyway. And just skip over the 121 stuff. Good Luck

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