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ATP Training

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Feb 25, 2002
I am planning to get my ATP next month, but I haven't decided on where to go yet. I have been considering ATP (only $895.00!).

Anybody have any recommendations on where to go? I want to get the thing done as quickly as possible because I will have to take time off of my flying job to get the ATP.

Thanks for your help.

If you want the shake and bake get it over with in two training flights and a checkride I recommend All ATPs. I did mine in Arlington, Tx ATPs. They are pretty good at teaching the checkride. I will say I've had varying degrees of experience at other ATPs, some not so good. I would ask around from people that have been to the particular ATP you are planning on attending (recently). Some have a higher turnover than others, and some have a much better feel for the examiners. Hope this helps.
If you work for a 135 operator just have the DO set up your next check ride with the FED's, an ATP check ride is basically the same as a six mo. check. The FED signs off your 135 ride and issues your ATP all at the same time and at no expense to anyone.

I did mine that way a number of years ago, In fact my DO at the time sugested it.
ATP ride

Three ideas:

(1) Look for an an examiner and and a light twin on your home field, brush up with an instructor for a flight or two, and take the practical with the examiner. Surely, there is an examiner somewhere in the islands who can help you.

(2) Same idea as (1), but take the ATP in a single. You won't have to worry about your written expiring and you can say truthfully that you hold an Airline Transport Pilot certificate. Later on, get in the twin and fly off your Commercial privileges or wait for a six-month ride as DC9stick suggested.

(3) I did mine at Sheble Aviation, http://www.shebleaviation.com/ . It'll cost you something like $1.5K, tax-deductable, but you'll be in one day and out the next with your ticket. The convenience is worth it. You'll get a little sim and a flight to brush up. One consideration, though, is Sheble is stateside.

Hope these ideas help, but, frankly, I'd take the practical on a six-month check because it won't cost you anything. It's a ride that you have to take anyway and doing it that way might ease some stress.
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135 Procedures

If you work for a 135 operator just have the DO set up your next check ride with the FED's, an ATP check ride is basically the same as a six mo. check.

I talked to our DO about this before and he said that he would have to perform the 135 PIC checkride, and the DE would sit in the back for the ATP checkride. Is this the case? Or, can the DE do both of the checkrides (135 PIC & ATP)? And, can it even be a DE or does it need to be a Fed?:confused:

First oral question.What determines the gross weight of your Cessna 402? What is the diffrence between a Part 23 and Part 25 airplane?? Explain to me the diffrence between 1st segment climb and 2nd segment climb? And it goes on and on....
A D.E. would have to sit in back and observe if you had your DO (check airman) administer your 135 PIC checkride. If done with a FED the FED can sit in the right seat or in the back and observe.
You do not need a company check airman if you do it with a FED as the FED can sign off the 135 PIC ride and the ATP. In my case the FED sat in back and observed and another company pilot acted as FO. If you normally fly single pilot you would be better off with the FED or DE in the right seat because if they observe a crew they also evaluate CRM and how well you as the Captain operate in a crew environment. Good Luck

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