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ATP to Type?

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Active member
Apr 24, 2002
Thanks to everyone who replied to my thread a few weeks ago about getting my ATP. I have the checkride scheduled for May 17, and am looking forward to getting it done and out. So... next question:

I've been fortunate to save a bit of money CFI-ing, thanks to free rent from mom and dad. Would I be best suited to applying this to get more multi time now (I'm sitting on about 150), or would it be a good idea to apply it to a type rating on say a 737 as I've seen in certain ads while surfing the net? Knowing that I won't be flying that for a while now (I'm not even at a regional yet), is it kind of a waste or does that show initiative and ambition? does that tell a regional that i'm not a good candidate because i won't stick around long (even though I may)? Do they all kind of have the attitude that they know most of their pilots are destined for the majors anyway?

By the way, who is hiring? I think I'm starting to lose my hair from doing 30+ touch and go's every day... lol

Type rating

A type rating without time 100's of hours in an airplane is really not going to help you all that much. The one exception being having it to apply at SWA. I know this is boardering on PFT, but why not use that money towards something that gets you some more multi-engine. See if there is an employer who might hire you if you got a current 135 PIC ride in a Baron or some other light twin. This would be better than a 737 type with no jet time.
You will have a hard time finding a company that will type you (in a 737) with only 150 hours multi. Most of those companies require you to have around 500 multi before they will let you into the program becuase history has shown that those individuals have a hard time getting through the course.

Best of luck to you.
I would be careful on that one. I have heard that some pilots were not hired a few years ago at America West, since they had 73 types. They figured the typed pilots were only going to stay a few years, and then go on to SWA. Save your money. Someday, when you get a job at a regional and you are building good time, you will laugh at yourself for even coming up with this idea.

The plan should be to spend as litttle money as you can to get educated, and then let your employer pay for the rest. Now, if you were qualified to go to SWA and wanted an interview, then perhaps a type would be a good plan. But, until then, you would be better served to use your money to get a multi instructor, or something else you could really use. Good luck to you, and I hope this helps.
I'd like to correct a few things said in this post. First off, in response to LR45JI- I got my B737 type rating with zero turbine time and a few hundred hours of multi. My sim partner had maybe around 150 hours of multi time and he flew better than I did during the checkride. The only requirement for the course was a commercial multi instrument certificate. I studied very hard for 2-3 months before the type rating and that's what got me through, not 400 more hours of multi time. Second, in response to Jim- you can get a jet type rating with less than the requirements you listed. You will get a PIC Limitation on your type rating, but that will be removed when you get 25 hours in the aircraft as PIC. With regards to SWA, it's still meets the requirement of a B737 type rating for their application process.
The higher mins for type

By having a previous TJ type rating, and even a CE-500 counts, you can go throught a reduced type rating course.
with 1650 and 150 you're getting close to what people have that are getting hired at the regionals. maybe get another 50 multi and save the rest for your first year in the airlines. good luck
Type Ratings

I agree with the above. I got a Citation type using your rationale. I got mine at Mike Pappas' Professional Airline Systems organization in San Diego and while I greatly enjoyed the experience I don't believe it helped me one iota in landing airline interviews. Some of the advanced flight schools where I applied and worked seemed to like it, but they aren't where you're headed.

Save your money for your first poverty-stricken FO year. I think you need a little more multi to be competitive for the regionals, perhaps 300-500. You can start applying as you near the mins and update.

Good luck with your plans.

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