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atp (the school) CFI-14days?

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Jan 16, 2002
Still researching best place to obtain my instructor ratings....I want to know if anyone has had any experience with ATP school in Stuart, Florida...Who does there checkrides?( Names would be nice). What is there % pass rate for CFI? Every time I call I get different answers....Thanks for any help.
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I posted a message about ATP a week ago. You can find the responses if you look back I think on the 4th or 5th page of this board. The title says 14-day CFI/II/MEI. I got great answers, no names but thanks to the people that take the time to read and respond, I got the help I needed.

I'm looking to do the CFI training either in Stuart or Jax...I'm still not sure.
MEI at ATP, Inc.

I was an instructor for ATP in the JAX location last year and can highly recommend that location, as well as the Stuart base.
I would, however double check that they offering the CFI training again, as they had stopped it for quite a while, except as part of the Career Pilot Program.
The JAX location is the best in the company and the instructors take a lot of pride in keeping it that way(I hope they still do!). The Stuart location has two great instructors( ask for John) and a very cool, easy-going examiner.
Private me with any questions. Hope this helps!

Exactly what makes JAX the "best" location. Your examiner, Earnie, is an a-hole and the airspace around Craig field sucks.

I'm an x-ATP'r from San Antonio. Our examiner was a "lock," if you had half a brain. Flying around San Antonio was a breeze. I also have buddies who were out in California. They had a pretty sweet deal out in San Diego.

Who are you flying for ???

You hit the nail on the head. JAX was the strongest location because we required you to have a full brain to pass a checkride. As an Instructor in JAX, we had the opportunity to see a great many students from the other locations as they came through for COM/CFI training. The farther west they came from, the worse they generally were. Mind you I said GENERALLY, there were some shining exceptions. Sometimes we wondered if you guys used the same checklists, procedures, etc. out in the western locations.
Since the coorporate office was so close, management could and often would stop by, which added an extra bit of motivation to those instructors not already inclined.
I could go on and on... ATP is an excellent choice, regardless of where you go. I have many good friends at locations around the country, but JAX will always be a step ahead.
Also, about our examiner, I suspect you busted a ride with him- join the club. He is still an excellent teacher in his own way, more than fair and refuses to put up with mediocrity, from the students or the instructors.
The JAX airspace??? There isn't a more accomodating ATC group anywhere that I know of.
I joined a great many ATPers at TSA. How bout yerself? Take care!
All we did at SAT is the ATP's and other ratings. No Pro Pilot stuff. Get em in and get em out was Jim's motto. I imagine being so close to the main office probably kept you guys on the straight and narrow. SAT was a one man op and was a meat grinder but it served its purpose.

Regarding Earnie, never busted a ride with em. I only had my familiarization ride with him. I understand that the instructors liked him after they get to know him. One thing though. He did kiss the butts of the military guys. The 2 day ATP was the bread and butter of the company. You bust a couple military guys on their atp ride and the info flows through the grapevine overnight. Before you know it they stop coming to that location.

Whats the story with the new Seminoles and the Citation Jet ??

I'm at ASA with a few other ATP'rs.

Is Kirk from St Louis at Trans States ?? I knew him from ATP PHX.
ATC at JAX maybe accomadating but I would say that the ATC here at DAB probally put up with more crap then anywhere else, probally has something to do with those Cessna's with Blue stripes on their wings. *cough* :)
I don't know Kirk but there a lot of us at TSA. It's kinda fun to run into an ex-ATPer and shoot it around awhile. I'm guessing (based on your flight time) that you were at ATP a while before I was.
The new Seminoles came with dual Garmin430s- imagine trying to teach a 2-day ATP those in two flights! The panel was much more user-friendly than the old ones but they all flew about the same.
The Citation is an older 501. The ACP students get three hours sic time in it. When I went through the program, they still had the King Air.
Hope things are well with you guys at ASA. I'm waiting the call back like so many of us.

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