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ATP practical test online app: why is it giving me this "endorsement"?

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Jun 22, 2003
Just filled out the online FAA application, and at the last step, it lets me review the application. It says my ATP certificate would be issued with the following "endorsement"

"Holder does not meet the pilot in command aeronautical experience requirements of ICAO"

I found reference to this at 61.159(d). Basically, it says this endorsement is issued if:
1) I credit SIC time toward the 1500 hour total time req.
2) Do not have at least 1200 hours flight time as a pilot, including no more that 50% of my SIC time, AND
3)otherwise meets the reqs.

It also says this endorsment is removed when I can present satisfactory evidence of accumulation of 1200 hours of flight time as a pilot including no more than 50 percent of my SIC time.

OK, fine. Here is what I entered as my times on the application (roughly):

TT: 2500
PIC: 1360
SIC: 1112

That given, I don't see why it is imposing this "endoresment" on me. True, I had to use condition 1, and use some sic time to meet the 1500 hour TT req. BUT, I meet the exception about having 1200 hours without using more than 50% of my SIC.

The ATP requires 250 hours PIC, which I have far and beyond of. So why is it saying I don't meet the PIC reqs?
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