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ATP certificate and dispatcher qualifications

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Well-known member
Jan 25, 2002
Does having an ATP count as part of the practical experience toward a dispatcher certificate if you're non-military and have no Part 121 experience? That's my situation, and I'm wondering if any part of my flight experience -- 7000TT (mostly single engine and a mix of Part 135 and instruction) -- will help reduce the training requirements.

I found this passage in the FARs, which sounds like there is something allowable other than military/121/ATC experience, but it doesn't say exactly what that would be:

§ 65.57 Experience or training requirements.

...(4) In aircraft operations, performing other duties that the Administrator finds provide equivalent experience.
(b) A statement of graduation issued or revalidated in accordance with §65.70(b) of this part, showing that the person has successfully completed an approved aircraft dispatcher course.

In case you're wondering why a 7000 hour ATP is considering dispatching, it's because of my nearly non-existent multi time (400 hours from more than 10 years ago) and the fact that I'm too old to even think about flying for an airline (pushing 50). Thanks in advance for any info.
I know a lot of schools offer an accelerated program option for prospective students in your situation but as far as specifically 121, military, or private I am not sure of the exact requirements. I am assuming as long as you have an ATP, you qualify for the accelerated/reduced program.

Maybe someone here can give a more specific answer.
If you have your ATP you should be able to take the accelerated class.

I know this doesnt help you. But I wanted others to know. I know a few people who didnt even go to school but they was working as flight followers. If a ATS will sign you off and you have a ATP you can take the oral and get your license that way.
I think you right under all counts above.. the real problem is not your 400 multi hours, its if you can find a dispatch job that you can afford to take.. instructing pays much better.. good luck

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