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ATP and CE560 type rating suggestions?

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Dec 11, 2001
Considering a deal with my boss to get the ATP done with (would cost about 2K) and a work contract. I understand you can get the type and the ATP done in the same ride.

Any suggestions on providers and/or cost estimates would be appreciated.

ATP and type ride

Yessir, you can take your type in the Citation and get your ATP at the same time. The PTS are one and the same for both. Lots of people do it that way.

Just off the top of my head, I'm sure FSI can type you in the Citation. Undoubtedly there are other providers and other posters will have suggestions.

Do I understand that you'd have to fork up the $2K for the ATP and type? I'd think about that carefully. You can always get your ATP in a light twin at your local airport or a place like Sheble, or get a single-engine ATP in a 172 to keep your written from expiring. Sure would be nice if you could get your ATP and be typed on the boss' nickel.
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BOBBYSAMD is correct. You can get your ATP and Citation type on the same checkride. I did it that way on the King Air 300 at FlightSafety.

When I got the Citation type I did it in a Citation 500 with a D.E.

It cost $500 for the D.E. and $500 for the airplane.
If memory serves me, depending on whether you meet certain minimums, part of your checkride will be required in the actual airplane. They might be very expensive.

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