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Aug 31, 2004
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I know these things have been discussed elsewhere - but I have to balance a wife and two daughters and an airline career - so I have a hard time spending time searching the threads. Recently met an Atlas guy who pressed me hard to apply, and now my curiosity is getting the best of me. Any current Atlas (and Polar) flyers who can answer these questions would be much appreciated:
(1) How much money does a first year pilot typically bring home? I mean by normally flying your schedule - nothing extra - just going to work and coming home when your supposed to be done. I've read the contract and done the ciphering - but want to see what reality is.
(2) Is Atlas and/or Polar ALL contract flying for other carriers, or do they have their own schedules independent of the others.
(3) What are the health care premiums for a family?
(4) Is dental (for the family) covered?
(5) What do pilots there complain about the most? A friend of a friend just left Atlas for a foreign carrier - kind of wondering why.
(6) Do your 17 day schedules ever go back to back with the next month - meaning you're gone for 34 days?
(7) How realistic is commuting to the UK?
(8) What are the prospects of going back to the system where the company gives you a ticket to the beginning of your trip?

I apologize for being ignorant and re-hashing stuff that already in the threads - but I'd like to centralize the information. Anything else you think necessary would be appreciated. Trying to decide if leaving my cushy but underpaid regional job is something I should consider. Thanks!


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Dec 1, 2001
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I dont work there but you can get pay scales from they also have a comparison page where you can compare all the pay rates of 747 operators. good luck.


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Jun 16, 2005
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They are calling now for a Sept 11 class. Then hiring will be halted for the 4Q push. Both airlines, especially Polar, is understaffed and anticipate strong hiring starting in Jan.
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