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Atlas In Stn

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May 19, 2003
I was wondering what is the schedule out of STN for Atlas drivers.
How many days off etc. and if they pay more in per diem since UK is out control as far as cost of living.

Actually, it's Polar that's on strike...Atlas is still flying normal scheds
well for one thing I am referencing for a possible future hiring (after the turmoil will be over), plus is the strike involve also ATlas pilotsZ?
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Schedule out of Stansted is...ah...punitive is a good word I think (if you're commuting). You'll get zero cost of living adjustment for staying there so enjoy your $25 hamburger, it's worth every penny.
Live in Paris, the cost of living is on par with the Midwest (minus car and fuel). If you can't get airlined out or make a jump seat you always have the Chunnel.
If you don't want to live in Stansted I'm sure you'll LOVE living in Paris.:rolleyes:
Paris !!

No thanks. Paris is a beautiful city except for the parisians.I grew up in a neighbor country to France and we know all about their personality.
No, merci beacoup monsieur.

Julien Poydras

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