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Atlantic Southeast Airlines hiring soon?

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Pre 9-11 plans were to begin hiring again in May, 2002. That was the last unofficial official word. I haven't heard anything since then, and I doubt that any airline knew what would happen in the short term. I can tell you that, in the jet, we went from a ridiculous surplus of pilots to a deficit in one month (Nov.-Dec.). Much of that is due to routes going from E120 to CRJ, so there aren't necessarily more slots open...just guys and gals moving from the Brasilia to the jet. Bottom line: If things keep going in the direction they are now, we will hire again soon.
I think FL000 is right, we aren't so much as short on pilots as we have a very large number in the training pipeline right now as a result of the Brasilia retirements. I don't really think we are actually growing much right now. I know we have gotten a few new cities, but that is offset by the loss of E120 flying. As they leave a city, and are replaced by the CL65, the frequency usually drops. So, we actually lose flying.

That being said, hopefully we will see hiring again in the first half of next year. I've heard that rumor a couple of times now, and I'd love to see my # start to move again.
I too heard we would be hiring, but of course no official word ever comes down. The version I heard was having us hiring by March, but that would depend if we still get all of the jets or if they go to CMR and SKW.

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