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Nov 25, 2001
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Help a brother out here, I seem to remember a provision that if the sky was better than 5000' ceiling and 5sm vis, then those items could be left out of the ATIS. I have looked in the AIM and in the Federal Meteorlogical Handbook, and can't find anything.

Can anyone provide info and a link?


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Jul 25, 2003
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FAA 7110.65 Controller's Handbook:​

2-9-3. CONTENT

Include the following in ATIS broadcast as appropriate:
a. Airport/facility name, phonetic letter code, time of weather sequence (UTC). Weather information consisting of wind direction and velocity, visibility, obstructions to vision, present weather, sky condition, temperature, dew point, altimeter, a density altitude advisory when appropriate and other pertinent remarks included in the official weather observation. Wind direction, velocity, and altimeter shall be reported from certified direct reading instruments. Temperature and dew point should be reported from certified direct reading sensors when available. Always include weather observation remarks of lightning, cumulonimbus, and towering cumulus clouds.
ASOS/AWOS is to be considered the primary source of wind direction, velocity, and altimeter data for weather observation purposes at those locations that are so equipped. The ASOS Operator Interface Device (OID) displays the magnetic wind as "MAG WND" in the auxiliary data location in the lower left-hand portion of the screen. Other OID displayed winds are true and are not to be used for operational purposes.


c. The ceiling/sky condition, visibility, and obstructions to vision may be omitted if the ceiling is above 5,000 feet and the visibility is more than 5 miles.
A remark may be made, "The weather is better than five thousand and five."

d. Instrument/visual approach/s in use. Specify landing runway/s unless the runway is that to which the instrument approach is made.
e. Departure runway/s (to be given only if different from landing runway/s or in the instance of a "departure only" ATIS).
f. Taxiway closures which affect the entrance or exit of active runways, other closures which impact airport operations, other NOTAMs and PIREPs pertinent to operations in the terminal area. Inform pilots of where hazardous weather is occurring and how the information may be obtained. Include available information of known bird activity.
FAAO 7110.65, Bird Activity Information, Para

[yada, yada, yada]​


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Apr 4, 2004
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Also found it in AIM, para. 4-1-13(b).