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Dec 10, 2001
I just got an ATA application and I am sending it off tomorrow. While I hope and pray for an interview can someone please lead me to some good websites that cover the interview process at ATA ? Much appreciated and fly safe out there !
I hope you spent some time on the essay questions on the app. They really look at them. Anyway, as for the interview, some others on this board recently completed the interview process. Do a search on ATA and you should find it.

When you get called for the interview send me a private message and I'll try to help you out.

Good luck,
know of a good place to find notices of hiring/resume' acceptance? ATA's website says theres no openings....im not talkin about air inc either. but aparently theyre accepting them now...not that im ready for them yet timewise.
Thanks Brad,

I did spend a good bit of time on the essay questions. I had my ATA sponsor read them and got his approval.
I will post as soon as I here something. Thanks !

Oppsah and airpirate,

I have not looked at the ATA website for hiring info. I have a friend at ATA and he walked my resume into the chief Pilot's Office just before Sept. 11th. I updated it every couple of months and got an app June 22.
Also I have not seen any published hiring mins either.
Hope this helps and good luck.
There is no officail notifiaction that they have recieved your stuff. When I applied I enclosed a stamped, self-addressed postcard with a note asking them to drop it in the mail when they recieved it.

Right now the only way to make yourself standout in the stacks of resumes (last I heard over 5K) is to have a LOR from an ATA pilot that has had experience flying with you.

Being a small company (relatively), our job openings are limited. As such there are many resumes with LOR's attached on the top of the pile.

Also, there is no online application process as of now.

Good Luck

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