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ATA strike vote question

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Aug 29, 2005
Just wondering if someone from ATA can shed some light on how you took your strike vote. Was a strike authorized when your company filed their 1113 motion? Or is it because your contract is up? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
The strike vote was authorized after the Co. filed an 1113(c) motion in August. An 1113(e) was filed in May, but expires 09/30, reverting back to the contract at 07/2005 rates. That contract is (was) amendable next July.

The strike vote was completed 09/12, but the results have been witheld as there is a TA in the works. Union says it will be released for vote on Monday. The pilot group is pretty P O'd. Those that are always that way anyway are apoplectic now.

Wow now that is a 10 dollar word.
I just say those guys are going nuts

By the way nice rack will they jiggle?
By the way nice rack will they jiggle?

Yes, and there was NO PG-edit box, either, but your friendly forum nazi won't let be used. Too shocking.

Which guys are going nuts? I think I'm the only sane person at ATA. Ever have that feeling? Where everyone around you is stupid or crazy?
I think every one but me is crazzyyyyyy man

Ex wife now she takes the cake. and eats it tooo

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